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Samuel L. Jackson drops the F-bomb on 'Saturday Night Live'


Samuel L. Jackson on "Saturday Night Live."

"Django Unchained" star Samuel L. Jackson caused quite a stir when he appeared on a "Saturday Night Live" this week and dropped what sounded like an F-bomb.

The actor participated in a recurring skit called "What's Up With That," during which he appeared as himself. Kenan Thompson played DeAndre Cole, host of the fake BET show, who couldn't resist interrupting all of his guests by breaking into song. And that was part of the problem.

When Thompson's Cole asked the actor what the holidays meant to him, Jackson began to talk about his foundation, which helps people in need. While the actor tried to remind viewers to give, Cole broke into song again.

"I'm trying to talk about helping people here!" the actor snapped. "So don't you dare cut me off!"

"I won't cut you off, but I've gots to say!" Thompson as Cole started singing ... and continued to belt out a tune with the help of a few other guests for the next few minutes.

When the lengthy interruption finally ended and Cole thanked his guests, an angry Jackson blurted, "Man! %^$#!"

A minorly flustered Thompson replied, "Eh! ... C'mon, Sam! C'mon now! That costs money."

The NBC clip has the word muted:

The actor later denied that he said the whole curse word. "I only said FUH not (expletive)! K was sposed to cut off da (expletive), blew it!!" he tweeted, along with a photo featuring a look of shock on his face.

Clips on YouTube seem to suggest otherwise, though, with the K being audible.

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