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'Dancing With the Stars' co-host Brooke successfully treated for cancer

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Brooke Burke received good news after her thyroidectomy.

Good news for "Dancing With the Stars" co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet! The reality TV personality, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this summer, said Wednesday in her latest ModernMom.com blog that treatment for her cancer was successful.

"I just got the results back from all of my tests and great news - the thyroid cancer has been removed from my body and all my lymph nodes are clear. So I'm hoping that this is the end of the story. Woohoo!!! And thank GOD!" she wrote.

She revealed her cancer diagnosis to fans in early November, and had her thyroidectomy on Dec. 5. The "Dancing" host said in the blog that her surgery went well, and "recovery is much better than I expected it would be." For now, she's just relaxing with a "Homeland" marathon, taking the rest of the month off from work to spend time with her family, and enjoying a good meal or two.

"I know I'm still recovering but 2 night, vino, fried calamari & beef carpaccio were my best medicine....its a good sign," she tweeted Tuesday night.

She also wrote in her blog that her battle against cancer has given her a fresh perspective on life.

"I've never been one to take life for granted and it sounds so cliché to say it, but this whole thyroid experience has given my family such a scare that it seems to have brought us all closer," she said. "And it's allowing us to ring in the New Year with a newfound respect for life."

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