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'Dancing With the Stars' insider talks reboot: Something 'needs to change'

Adam Taylor / ABC

Are there big changes on the way for "Dancing With the Stars"? Recent buzz about the ballroom bash hints at a major makeover that could include cutting competition back to just one season per year. But according to one veteran pro from the show, if there really is a shakeup on the way, it should start at the judges' table.

"If they want to change something, get rid of the judges," the always-outspoken Maskim Chmerkovskiy recently told Wetpaint. "Just bring in new people."

Sounds simple enough, and after the many panel problems on the "All-Stars" season, some fans might just support it. But would ballroom bigwigs really be willing to say "so long" to head judge Len Goodman and his fellow paddle pushers?

"No comment."

That's what a "Dancing With the Stars" insider told The Clicker when we asked that question, but the source had more to say about other changes on the way.

"There's nothing official yet, but yeah, there's a lot of talk about rebooting elements of the show, and yes, even when and how long the seasons should run," the insider explained. "Some of that is just the normal convos that take place (after the last season) wraps. But there is a sense that something really needs to change, and not just cosmetic changes. Ratings slipped (last season) and no one wants to see them slip any more."

Deciding what to change is the real dilemma.

"It's all about finding balance. You've got to evolve to stay on top, but you've got to keep the core of the show, because the fans still want it to feel like the show they love."

If a ballroom reboot is on the way, what changes would you like to see the show make? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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