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'The Walking Dead' has plenty of gore -- and even better emotional moments

Rotting zombies. Gushing blood. Spilled guts. Crushed brains. AMC's hit drama "The Walking Dead" has these things in spades, but the show isn't just about the gory scenes featuring the undead and unlucky humans. Many of "Walking Dead's" best moments are emotional ones among the survivors, whether Rick is crying tears of joy, Carol is screaming in despair or Daryl is quietly singing to an infant.

As the series progresses, "The Walking Dead" has presented more and more of these moving scenes as it moves closer to Sunday's midseason finale, which will likely feature more emotional moments of its own. The promo for episode eight teases the showdown between Rick's gang of survivors and The Governor and his Woodbury thugs, which means brothers Merle and Daryl will find themselves on opposite teams, and Andrea will (unknowingly) take aim at her long-lost pals.

But before that action kicks off, take a few minutes to revisit some of the emotional moments the show has already offered:

"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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