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Forecast? Furry! Cat moseys through live weather report

The weather forecast? Partly furry with a chance of purring. Or that's what viewers of the Spanish-language channel Univision might have thought on Monday.

When meteorologist Eduardo Rodriguez was giving the weather report in the channel's Miami studio, the tip of a cat's tail suddenly became apparent in the picture. The white and grey tabby then found something interesting in the corner of the weather set, leaving it to strike a pose familiar to all cat owners, the "Look at my butt! Look, look at my butt!" move.

Offscreen, other Univision anchors cracked up at the sight of the uninvited visitor, but Rodriguez stayed professional and kept delivering the weather report. Later, however, he had fun with the incident on Twitter, tweeting that the cat had come to investigate whether it would continue to be cold.

Looks like the channel had a good attitude about the whole thing. Univision posted the video to YouTube with the note, "There are several cats that have turned the Univision parking lot into their home and sometimes they make it into the studio. This cat just walked right through the weatherman's report."

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