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Shawn Johnson: 'I'm terrified' of instant dance on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Adam Taylor / ABC

The "Dancing" judges weren't pleased Shawn broke rules again for her favorite dance, but the star says it wasn't about getting a perfect 30.

Each week, Olympian and season eight "Dancing With the Stars" champ Shawn Johnson will be sharing her experiences on "All-Stars" with The Clicker! Look for Q&As, exclusive photos and more from the gold medalist throughout the season as she competes to win her second mirror ball trophy, this time alongside pro Derek Hough.

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The Clicker: You have one more dance Tuesday night called an “insta-dance.” How do you feel about doing one? 

Shawn Johnson: This is the first time I’ll be doing an insta-dance. I’m terrified! We have to know three different dances, but we’ll only be asked to do one. We don’t know the dance style or the music yet. I’m not sure how this will work.

The Clicker: Any regrets about doing your quickstep (from week three) with lifts and breaking hold in Monday's finals? The fans loved it, but the judges were strict!

Shawn: None at all. It’s been our style this whole season to push boundaries and show what we’re capable of and cater to the audience. When we were approached about doing again a dance of our choice, that was our favorite. That’s the one we were most proud of. Doing that one more time meant more to us than getting a perfect score.

The Clicker: Does having one mirror ball trophy make going into Tuesday’s finale a little easier?

Shawn: Not at all. It’s a completely different season. This is the first “All-Stars” season. It’s a title that no one else has. There’ a lot riding on it for me. It’s coming out of a comeback. This is personally tied to me more than people can see or know. To be able to share it with my (fellow gymnasts, who appeared in our freestyle dance) would mean a lot.

The Clicker: What did Derek teach you about yourself?

Shawn: He taught me that I could be someone outside of gymnastics and I can feel everything that I gave myself credit for in gymnastics outside of that world. And I never thought he could.

The Clicker: Who are you going to stay in touch with from this season?

Shawn: Everybody. We’re all a family here. Half of them (from this season) were in the audience (Monday night). We were giving each other hugs. We’re already keeping in touch. We always will. 

The "Dancing With the Stars" finale airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on ABC. Think Shawn will be able to pull of the insta-dance? Who do you think will win the mirror ball trophy? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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