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Lindsay Lohan talks cancelling on Barbara Walters, adopting Honey Boo Boo


Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan says that, "When it's right," Barbara Walters will be the first person she sits down with.  Of course, she said this during a sit-down with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."

But, whatever.

Lindsay sounds off on half-sister revelation, "moving forward"

"It's all good," Lohan insisted. "I spoke to the people that she works with and everything, so..."

Memo to Jay: End of subject.

"I feel like that's the question every time I come here, it's always the same!" she said in response to Leno's comment that he always seemed to be reading a new Lindsay Lohan story every day.

Unless she's No. 1, it appears Lindsay didn't make the cut for Barbara's "Most Fascinating People of 2012" list

"That's why we have you here all the time," he cracked.

Asked about Michael Lohan's recent bombshell -- that Lindsay has a half-sister -- the actress said she had some advice for the girl, who she's never met: "Good luck with my dad."

Then Leno held up a series of increasingly fake-looking tabloid covers boasting headlines about Lindsay being pregnant, Tim Tebow "losing it" to Lindsay and, finally, Lindsay looking to adopt Honey Boo Boo.

"All my friends always talk about Honey Boo Boo, and I've never actually seen the show," she said, giggling. "I just know what I heart, but that is just so funny! What is that picture from?!"

"Well, that was when you were going to adopt her," Leno explained.

"Oh, that's true, that's right. I forgot about the adoption, too," she said, hand to her head.

And, for the record, she found it "kind of interesting" to see what she would look like with a baby bump and has never met Tim Tebow.

James Franco directs Lindsay in R.E.M. "Blue" video

Lohan said that she, for one, "never" regrets getting into showbiz at the age of 3.

"I think that there was a point in my life when -- it was more recent than earlier on -- but I'm kind of still a kid, like, in a way. I'm 26," she said when Leno asked if she ever had a time when she wished to take a break from acting.

"I think I had to step back and kind of take myself out of everything and kind of get my head straight and kind of focus on what it is I wanted to do...You know, you get caught up in everything. It's important to kind of find yourself and keep yourself through that."

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