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'Saturday Night Live' releases hilarious, unaired Guy Fieri sketch


Bobby Moynihan plays Guy Fieri in a "Saturday Night Live" skit that didn't air.

'Saturday Night Live' is always jam-packed with comedy skits, but not every planned bit actually makes it on air. Sometimes even a topical side-splitter goes no further than dress rehearsals -- even one as good as the following sendup of Guy Fieri's recent New York Times restaurant review woe.

In an online-only "Weekend Update" rehearsal clip made available after the show, "SNL" regular Bobby Moynihan reprised his Fieri impersonation for a reaction to the now-notorious review.

"Oh, no! That's not off the chain," Moynihan-as-Fieri said as he read the paper. "That's very much on the chain."

The food critic tough talk was enough to kill his appetite too.

"I've never felt sicker in my life, Seth," the faux Fieri told "Update" anchor Seth Meyers. "And keep in mind all I eat is bacon bombs, which is bacon wrapped in dynamite!"

Watch the clip for all the laughs. And for those curious about what the real Guy Fieri thought of that scathing NYT review, just check out his recent appearance on TODAY.

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