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'Grimm' star Bitsie Tulloch dishes on kissing Nick and Renard

Scott Green / NBC

Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette on "Grimm."

"Grimm's" gorgeous hexenbiest Adalind (Claire Coffee) sure created quite a mess last season when she poisoned Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) via cat scratch. Now, one of the side effects of the spell has Juliette in a love triangle as she tries to rebuild her relationship with forgotten boyfriend Nick (David Giuntoli) as she falls for Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz).

Yes, Juliette's love life is a mess, but Tulloch has found a major perk with her story line: how ... ahem ... closely she works with the two handsome men.

"It's been more fun for me with everything that's going on this season, and obviously, getting to make out with two sexy guys as opposed to just one is never a bad thing," she told reporters during a Monday conference call. "All I have to say is that the whole love triangle has been remarkably entertaining for me as an actress. And obviously, it was amazing just getting to make out with David Giuntoli. But when you throw Sasha Roiz into the mix, I'm a very, very lucky woman."

(She also confessed to reporters that one of the men is a better kisser than the other, but wouldn't say who.)

The actress admitted that she didn't know if Juliette would regain her memories of Nick, but hinted that there may still be hope for the two former lovers. "There's definitely a spark there," Tulloch said. "There's still a reason they fell in love in the first place. There was a lot of love there."

She also pointed out a big dilemma for Juliette's love life. "If you go for Renard, you're going for, like, the passion and the lust," she said. "If you go for Nick, you're going for the love and the comfort. So that's the perpetual question I'm constantly asking myself."

Tulloch also teased that Friday's new episode, the last before the midseason break, will be "a huge one" with a cliffhanger.

"Adalind is just back to sort of wreak havoc everywhere she can," the actress said. "She's trying to sort of avenge her mother's death. How much I play into that story line remains to be seen."

But as the teaser has shown, viewers can expect Nick's heart to be broken when Juliette confesses she has feelings for another man. Let's just hope that won't get in the way of him stopping whatever Adalind has up her sleeve.

"Grimm" airs at 9 p.m. Friday on NBC.

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