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'Buffy,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Walking Dead': 10 of TV's most gruesome deaths

The TV graveyard is a cold, dark place. Sometimes characters are put there during their wedding day, or after finally finding happiness, or right when they deserve it. Regardless of when it happens, we're here to talk about the how of it all. 

Killing off character on television shows happen all the time, so when a series gets creative (or just really gross), then we sit up and take notice before covering our eyes. From a "golden crown" to zombies to a live spinal-ectomy, here is our list of 10 truly gruesome TV deaths, just in time for Halloween. Warning: obvious spoilers and grossness ahead (in text and videos)!

1. Sedullus on "Spartacus": This death would have been memorable had they stopped after Spartacus slices his face off, but they took it one step further. Keep watching, and you'll see that brain just slide on out. Gross! But awesome. 

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2. Dr. Romano on "ER": Oh, TV writers, you are so cruel. We find out in a flashback that Dr. Robert "Rocket" Romano (Paul McCrane) lost his arm when a helicopter blade severed it, giving him a well-earned fear of them. So it was especially ironic that years later, a helicopter falling off the roof of the hospital is what kills him. 

3. Viserys on "Game of Thrones": Viserys (Harry Lloyd) got the golden crown he always wanted when Drogo (Jason Momoa) pours molten gold over his head in front of an entire feast crowd. Ouch.

4. Every death on "Six Feet Under": A cat causing electrocution? An elevator cutting someone in half? Choking on a hot dog? We gave up trying to pick the most memorable death from that show, so we've picked them all. The elevator one is a top pick, though, just because every human probably has had that fear while riding in an elevator at some point or another.

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5. Dale on "The Walking Dead": Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), having had enough of the group's dealings with Randall (Michael Zegen), separated himself from the gang and ran right into a walker. He tried to fight him off, but the zombie ripped his ribcage open, and we said goodbye to a show favorite after Daryl (Norman Reedus) put Dale out of his misery with a bullet to the head. Not only a gruesome death, but a shocking one, since Dale is heavily featured in the comic books for a long time.

6. The School Shooting on "American Horror Story": This one made our list not because it was necessarily gory, but because it was unbelieving unsettling. Tate (Evan Peters) calmly walking around the school library (whistling, no less) while he shoots his classmates is one of the most chilling five minutes of television we've ever seen.

7. Warren on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": Willow is bored now. And also, you killed her girlfriend. And now you don't have skin anymore.

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8. News anchor on "True Blood": He just wanted to get his message across, and Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) did just that, all while holding the spine he ripped out of the news anchor moments before. The best part about the scene is Russell's casual toss to weather after his impassioned speech about vampire rights. Tiffany?

9. Gus on "Breaking Bad": Say what you will about Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), but the man was stylish to the end. After the bomb goes off, Gus calmly walks out of the room, seemingly unharmed ... until the camera pans to the other side of his face ... or what's left of it. After straightening his tie, he slumps over dead, making his one of the most memorable TV deaths in recent small-screen history.

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10. Maude Flanders on "The Simpsons": Dammit, Homer! We know how precious free stuff can be, especially when it comes out of a cannon, but your carelessness (and easily distracted nature) caused Ned to enter widowhood. Maude went over the edge of the stadium after being hit by a flying shirt, when all she really wanted was to get away from Homer's torso. RIP, Maude Flanders.

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