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Snooki and fiance on son Lorenzo: We want him to have a normal life

"Jersey Shore's" one-time resident party girl, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, is now a mom, and with motherhood has come some big changes. No more wild ways; no more looking out for number one. Now Snooki is all about looking after her little bambino.

The reality star stopped by TODAY Wednesday morning along with fiancé Jionni LaValle for her first live interview since giving birth to the little guy who changed it all two months ago.

"It's crazy 'cause, you know me, I always wanted to have a good time," she said of her transformation. "'Where's the next party? What am I going to do tonight?' And now it's just like, you know, 'I love my baby. What can we do with him?' It's just totally different."

Jionni's seen the change in Snooki for himself.

"She loves him," he insisted. "She's a great mom."

But as much as things have changed since Snooki first found out she was pregnant, some things never change. For instance, the scene in the delivery room was classic Snooki.

"She wanted to look good," Jionni explained. "You know, makeup, lipstick, everything. I said, 'Nicole, you're giving birth!'"

"I even brought heels just in case," she added, "but my feet just blew up -- I couldn't."

And while she likes to make sure Lorenzo always looks camera-ready too ("He has to look good!"), she and Jionni don't always want cameras following him around.

"Right now it's fine, while he's this young," Jionni said. "But once school starts, when he gets a little older, I kind of want him to branch off from that. Nicole can do what she has to do ... I kind of just want him to live like a normal lifestyle."

"We want him to have a normal life where he goes to school, you know, has friends, girlfriends," Snooki agreed. "I want him to have the learning experiences that we did growing up. So I want it to be as normal as possible."

It's no doubt a bit of a shock for regular "Jersey Shore" viewers, seeing the former cocktail-loving Seaside Heights gal go from cooling off her spray-tanned backside in the house mini-fridge to talking up the virtues of a "normal life." But according to Snooki, it's all about timing. This is the time to grow up. And it's almost time for "Shore," now in its final season, to end.

"It's definitely bittersweet," she said of the end of the "Jersey Shore" era. "But you know, me being pregnant, filming the last season, it was just like the right time -- when we're all growing up, going our separate ways. … So I think this was the perfect time, but I'm definitely going to miss it."

Of course, fans won't have to miss Snooki. While "Jersey Shore" is on the way out, her spinoff with co-star and BFF Jennifer "JWoww" Farley, "Snooki & JWoww," is still going strong.

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