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'Project Runway' winner: Heidi Klum 'took half of my collection'

David M. Russell / AETN

One of Dmitry Sholokhov's final designs walks the "Project Runway" finale show.

"Project Runway's" season 10 champ, Dmitry Sholokhov, may not yet have received his $100,000 prize from L'Oreal Paris for winning the fashion design competition yet, but that's OK with the winner.

"I can't be happier right now!" he told The Clicker on Friday.

Dmitry's geometric and structured designs easily topped the works by fellow finalists Fabio Costa, Melissa Fleis and Christopher Palu. As Nina Garcia told reporters on Wednesday, the decision to give the 33-year-old the win "was very unanimous." 

Model and host Heidi Klum was also a big fan of Dmitry's finale looks.

"Heidi took half of my collection!" Dmitry told us. "I'm the only designer whom she took clothing from ... as far as I know. When they were bagging the collection, they put Heidi's name on half of it and it went to Los Angeles."

Though the prize money hasn't come in yet, Dmitry hopes to use the cash (or what's left of it after paying his bills) to kick off his own brand. "This is a great moment for me. I've worked already for quite a few companies. Now, my name is out there and it's a good moment, it's the right moment," he said. "I need a business partner and an investor. There's a lot I need to figure out."

But until that starts happening, the former ballroom dancer might be using his downtime to catch up on "Dancing With the Stars."

"I love it!" he said of the dance competition. "I quit ballroom dancing 15 years ago -- it was my childhood. I definitely watch when I can. It brings back memories. It's so colorful and it's beautiful, but it's hard work, really hard work."

When asked if he'd be interested in participating in a future "Dancing" season, the "Runway" champ sounded thrilled with the idea.

"Oh absolutely! I would be so excited!" he gushed. "It would be a little bit of pressure just because I used to dance in my teen years and in my childhood, so I have to be good. But it would be amazing to get back on that track because it was my life. ... It would be an amazing opportunity."

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