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Zombies just want to sing and dance in 'The Walking Dead: The Musical'

On AMC's "The Walking Dead," once the walkers come after you, you're probably toast. But what if they just wanted to be heard? To be understood as hungry monsters? To ... sing?

AVByte offers up a taste, with their new video short, "The Walking Dead: The Musical" (or, as it's named at the end of the video, "The Tapping Dead"). In it, pursuit of a lone man by a band of tatty, bloody, ravenous zombies suddenly morphs into a plaintive cry for understanding, as the zombies break out in song: "Every living we meet/Thinks we wants all the meat/They make flee/They don't see/We need eats!" 

And then comes the group dance number. Jazz hands -- if you still got 'em! 

Check out the video!

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