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Christopher Walken does dramatic 'Honey Boo Boo' reading

In a confab of pop culture almost too amazing to comprehend, there now exists this: a dramatic reading from the dialogue  of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," starring Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell.

The whole thing came together thanks to Screen Junkies host Hal Rudnick, who interviewed the trio of actors who were promoting their upcoming film together, "Seven Psychopaths."

"I can't help but give Honey Boo Boo the cast of psychopaths it deserves," Rudnick says in his setup to the clip.

Rudnick casts Walken as Mama June and Sam Rockewell takes on the part of Alana in a reading of the scene about "Making Sketti." In another, Walken again reads the part of Mama, and Farrell takes on the role of Chubbs, reciting (in a southern accent) her infamous weight-loss quote, "My mother has told me in the past that if you fart 12-15 times a day, you could lose a lot of weight, so I think I'm gonna lose a lot of weight."

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