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Big Bird nearly steals the show from Daniel Craig on 'Saturday Night Live'

After Mitt Romney's controversial comments about PBS at last week's presidential debate, you almost had to expect an appearance by Big Bird on "Saturday Night Live." The uber-popular "Sesame Street" character almost stole the perch, er show, from the equally iconic James Bond -- the suave 007 secret agent star, Daniel Craig, who showed his more humorous side hosting last night.

At the "Weekend Update" anchor desk, host Seth Myers wondered why Big Bird was immediately yawning.

"Are you bored?" he asked. 

"No, it's just that it's seven hours past my bedtime!"  As it turns out the "Sesame Street" star is familiar with Twitter, telling Meyers how he had learned about being mentioned on Wednesday's debate. "Oh, I got a million tweets."

“So you’re on Twitter?” Myers asked.

“No, I’m a bird! Tweeting is how we talk,” Big Bird quipped. 

The debate controversy brought the much-loved bird added attention. “I feel like I’m famous now,” Big Bird said. “I was walking down the street the other day and I felt like everybody recognized me. It’s so weird to think that just a few days ago, I could just blend in like every other perfectly normal 8-foot-tall talking bird!”

When asked if he had a political statement to make about the debate, Big Bird said, "No, I didn't want to ruffle any feathers." But he did have a joke. "Do you know who loves debates? De-fishes. Because fish eat bait!"

As part of his "Presidential Debate 2012 Winners/Losers," the rest of Meyers' "Weekend Update" was filled with political zingers toward  moderator Jim Lehrer, criticizing him for repeatedly allowing Romney and Obama to go over their allotted time on questions. “Jim, if that’s how long you think two minutes is, your wife is a very lucky woman.”

Meyers acknowledged Fox News as a "winner" and said the network must have said after the debate, “I think we can report this exactly the way it happened.”

"SNL"  opened with a debate sketch that tried to explain why Obama (Jay Pharoah) was distracted during the first debate -- he was thinking about an anniversary present for his wife Michelle, and had difficulty with Denver's high altitude. 

The best part of  Daniel Craig hosting "Saturday Night Live"? Being able to see a trailer for "Skyfall," the latest James Bond thriller, opening next month!

What did you think about Daniel Craig as the host, or Big Bird visiting "Weekend Update"? Which was your favorite skit? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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