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Exclusive peek: 'Mythbusters' take on 'Titanic' test to see if Jack could have survived


Ever since the saddest scene from "Titanic" first played on the big screen, fans have wondered: Did Jack really have to die?

It just didn't seem fair. Rose bobbed along the icy waters safe and sound on that roomy white-oak plank, while her true love from the lower decks eventually sank to his watery grave.

Well, according to the logic used in the film -- and the excuse often presented by the film's creator James Cameron -- there's just no way the makeshift raft would have supported both of them. Rose would have gone the way of Jack if they'd even attempted to share the wood.

At least that's the theory. And it's one that's been tested by faithful fans -- with mixed results. But a bigger, better test is now on the way.

On the upcoming season premiere of "Mythbusters," Cameron joins 'busters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to put an end to the debate.

In the following exclusive sneak peek, Savage explains how they'll first tackle the myth in miniature.

"I'm going to start by playing with dolls," he told Cameron. "I'm going to make very accurate dolls of Rose and Jack -- accurate in terms of size but also their weight. And then I'm going to put them on a piece of wood that's exactly the same type of wood as the original."

From there, it's just a matter of putting that into a tub filled with salty water and wait to see what happens.

Oh, and as an optimistic Cameron added, "Prove my movie was right."

Film fans will have to wait for the season premiere of "Mythbusters" to find out if that's the case. It airs Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

Do you think the "Mythbusters" team will prove the movie right? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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