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Simon Cowell to 540-pound 'X Factor' hopeful: 'I'll back you, if you back yourself'


Freddy Combs.

This was the last episode of auditions! Things kicked off with following the health of 13-year-old Trevor Moran, who had collapsed at the end of Wednesday night's episode right before his audition. It turned out that Trevor was suffering from dehydration, and although they skipped over him and continued with other contestants, Trevor got back on his feet and went out on stage to show the judges what he had to offer.

So how'd he do?

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Awesome! Especially for a guy that was about to go to the hospital.

The young boy that was bursting with life sang the (what Simon Cowell mentioned may not be age appropriate) song "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO. There was so much personality during that audition that none of the judges could possibly give him a no. "You were so much fun to watch," Demi Lovato told him.

Owen Stuart, 16, was so lovesick about his girlfriend back in New York that we almost didn't think he'd make it through his audition. But the cutie -- who dedicated his performance of "Airplanes" by B.o.B to his girl Tory -- impressed the judges with the fact that he could rap and sing.

Have you seen Britney's new hair?

Well, almost all of the judges. Britney Spears' said Owen didn't "wow" her, but Simon said, "I really, really like you." Stuart earned three yeses, moving him forward to boot camp.

One of the most inspirational acts came from 40-year-old Freddy Combs, who used to weigh 920 pounds and has worked his way down to 540 pounds. Taken to the stage in a wheelchair by his wife, Combs belted a beautiful rendition of Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings."

L.A. Reid gave the disclosure that his remarks would not be based off of sympathy for what Combs has gone through, but purely based on his audition. And all Reid had to say was that Freddy's voice was "heavenly." The other judges agreed and Simon made a deal with him to help get Freddy singing that song standing up. "I'll back you, if you back yourself, " he said, and gave him his fourth yes.

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Sixteen-year-old Lauren Jauregui's mature voice was quickly noticed by the panel when she performed Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You." Once she was finished, Jauregui got an immediate thumbs-up from Cowell, who told her, "And that, Lauren, is how you do it." Yep, you guessed it -- she easily got four yeses.

And then there was Jordyn Foley. This 12-year-old pranced onstage in pigtails, high socks, a skirt, vest, tie--basically a modern-day version of Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time" outfit. Foley was full of energy, but unfortunately sang Cowell's least favorite song, "Tomorrow" by Annie. In all honesty, Foley's voice wasn't up to par with the others who had passed through, but her stage presence was undeniable, and she even gave everyone a motivational quote in between her song! Simon gave her a no, but the other three gave her a yes!

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