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Commercial break means more laughs from 'Late Night's' Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld


"Late Night" guest Jerry Seinfeld and host Jimmy Fallon keep the laughs coming during commercial breaks.

Ever wonder what goes on at a live show taping when the host, guests, and audience all have to pause for a commercial break? Typically, it's an uneventful pause in the action. Makeup touch ups, chats with producers, reviewing of notes -- that's the norm. To keep the trains running on time, show production tends to be a pretty buttoned up affair, and the commercial breaks are no exception.

However, guests at a recent taping of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" were treated to a rare, amusing use of a break when Fallon and guest Jerry Seinfeld decided spend the time taking questions from the audience, and thereby showing off their improv comedy chops at the same time.

The first question was directed to Seinfeld, when an audience member asked, "Why won't you come to Israel?" After teasing about the question being a little "defensive," Seinfeld joked, "Because it's like seeing my relatives again. It's the same thing."

The next question went to Fallon: "When they do the movie 'Funny Boy: The Jimmy Fallon story, who do you want to star as you?'" "Assuming it's a musical," Fallon said of the questioners fictional film, "Hopefully one of the kids from One Direction."

To catch all the nuance and just and example of two good comedians at work, check out the above video for yourself.

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