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Emmys' funniest skits: Which comedy bit stole the show?


Walt and Jesse take a trip to the fishin' hole in "The Breaking Bad Show."

In between the big zingers from host Jimmy Kimmel and all those gold-dipped statuettes finding their new owners, the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards featured several skits worth their weight in comedy gold.

The first big laugh-getter of the night was the opening extravaganza, of course. In it, television's leading ladies -- including Zooey Deshanel, Kathy Bates, Christina Hendricks and Mindy Kaling -- gathered in the ladies' room and found themselves face-to-Botoxed-face with Kimmel. Actually they came face-to-face with a naked Lena Dunham first, but soon it was Kimmel's cosmetically over-tweaked mug they saw.

Bates offered to "punch (his offending face) back in" for him, and she and the other ladies proceeded to beat the Botox right out of him just in time for Kimmel to take the stage.

The next skit that had the audience rolling was a look at how "Breaking Bad" might have looked before the days of cable TV. In "The Breaking Bad Show" (a Walt-White-infused sendup of "The Andy Griffith" show), Walt and his main man, Jesse, (played by the real duo of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) whistled their way to the old fishin' hole -- where they met Deputy Barney Fife and promptly blew him away.

Another gem of the night was a behind-the-scenes look at "Modern Family," wherein the stars of the sitcom tried to show off their warm on-set vibe. Too bad that pesky (and completely adorable) Aubrey Anderson-Emmons messed it all up. In the bit, Emmons proved her role as sweet little Lily really was all an act as she sabotaged her co-stars at every turn. After she removed the steps from more than one trailer, star Ed O'Neill decided it might just be best to recast the Lily role (again). Enter a pigtailed Ken Jeong for the part.

The last big skit was a brief one from the folks of "The Big Bang Theory." Penny, Leonard and Sheldon gathered together in front of the boob tube for some Emmy night fun. Of course, Sheldon's idea of fun didn't exactly mesh with that of the typical Emmy viewer. "In my experience, when that many popular people get together in one place, the next thing that happens is the quarterback and prom king are holding my head in the toilet," he complained. So why watch? Leonard solved the riddle. "He just watches it to see the accountants." Yeah, CPAs all the way.

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