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Listen to 'Survivor's' Jeff Probst sing about his new talk show

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Jeff Probst.

Jeff Probst is a man of many talents. In addition to snuffing out torches on "Survivor" for the last 24 seasons, he recently launched his own daytime talk show. And in a sneak peek for an upcoming episode of the "The Jeff Probst Show," he shows off yet another talent.

As it turns out, the man can sing.

With piano phenom Derek Amato on keys, Probst improvised lyrics -- all about his latest endeavor -- to go along with Amato's on-the-fly tune.

"There's a brand new thing called the 'Jeff Probst Show,' " the host belted out. "If you haven't seen it yet, baby, mmm, you're out of the know."

Check out the clip Probst's already calls "one of (his) favorite moments on the show."

See what else Amato and Probst get up to when the episode airs Oct. 4.

"The Jeff Probst Show" airs weekdays. Check local listings for time and channel.

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