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It's curtains for one 'Project Runway' contestant's 'really boring' design

Barbara Nitke / Lifetime

The judges just didn't like Ven's design for the Rockettes challenge.

The flowers have wilted on "Project Runway." After an incredibly strong start at the beginning of the design-competition's tenth season, designer Ven Budhu was auf'ed on Thursday night after 10 episodes.

His crime? A boring look for the latest challenge -- to design a modern costume for the Rockettes that would be worn at a future show. With a budget of $250 (fairly generous, considering the ladies' outfits tend to be pretty tiny!), Ven just couldn't make it work. 

Host Heidi Klum declared that the silver smock didn't do anything for the model or tell a story. 

"It has no design to it. I think it's really boring," she said. "It's just a dress that sparkles. It's too simple for me."

"It looks like an evening dress just chopped off," judge Michael Kors complained. 

(But hey, gotta give the guy some credit for not incorporating yet another flower design into his look, right?)

The snoozefest just wasn't enough to keep Ven in the competition for another week. Though his fellow designers were shocked and seemed a bit saddened by his exit, it appeared as if mentor Tim Gunn wasn't quite so sorry to see the designer go. Perhaps the fashion guru was still a bit miffed by Ven's treatment of his real-world client a few weeks ago? Or maybe it was because the once-promising designer didn't take up the show's generous offer of an extra $100 for each person to spend at Mood after the mentor decided he didn't like what he saw during his critiques.

Rather than the usual sad face and consoling message Tim offers to eliminated contestants, he said, "Weeellll ... is this a bit of a wake-up call? Look who's going home." No wide-open arms. No "I'm so sorry I have to send you back to the workroom to clean up your space." Instead, Ven got what appeared to be an eyeroll as Tim offered a "We're going to hear a lot from you."

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