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Steven Yeun: Prison is 'claustrophobic' on 'Walking Dead'

Life in prison is going to be no walk in the park for Rick and his gang of survivors on AMC's "The Walking Dead." 


Steven Yeun as Glenn on "The Walking Dead."

"It's claustrophobic," star Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, told The Clicker of this season's setting, which was teased in the finale. "Last year, we were really happy with the fact that outside, the outdoors (at the farm) was really another character that helped us do these themes because we were miserable. We looked miserable, but in a good way. This season, we were thinking, 'Oh man, once we go on stages, we're gonna really have to act out certain things.' But man, they did a great job and (the prison is) just as terrible as outside."

Gene Page / AMC

"Walking Dead's" prison is bright and shiny ... if you have flashlights, as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) does in this exclusive photo AMC shared with The Clicker.

Indeed. In exclusive photos that AMC shared with us, Yeun's Glenn looks weary and not entirely enthused to have a roof over his head and bars all around.

But despite the less-than-perfect accommodations, he's at least got love Maggie (Lauren Cohan) by his side. Don't expect the usual relationship conflicts, though. "You kind of navigate what young love is like ... in a zombie apocalypse," said Yeun.

Their love may be young, but the actor also notes that it's a "deep, deep love where you know you've found someone who complements you and fits you perfectly." Combine that with the reality Maggie and Glenn face, Yeun said the young couple are "worrying about how to survive and what happens to the other person and how the other person handles it when something does happen. I think that is definitely going to be a crux of this season in terms of their relationship, seeing what a relationship looks like with all these afflictions."

Gene Page / AMC

T-Dog (Robert "IronE" Singleton) takes aim in an exclusive photo AMC shared with us from season three.

And as their relationship develops, expect to watch Glenn continue to grow as he has with each season. Yeun noted that viewers got a glimpse of Glenn's capabilities in season one, saw his realization that he can't always trust everyone else's judgement in season two, and now, the young man is taking things into his own hands. 

"I think Glenn has a good gut. And the third season is him kind of putting that into action and realizing that he has people to protect, loved ones he has to live for. He can really trust his own decisions," Yeun said. "That doesn't come without consequences."

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Season three of "The Walking Dead" kicks off on Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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