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J.J. Abrams: 'Revolution' mysteries won't be drawn out like 'Lost'

Earth's Dark Age is about to kick off -- on the small screen. In "Revolution," the latest offering from executive producer J.J. Abrams, viewers will get a look at what a future without lights -- or any other form of functioning advanced technology -- just might look like.

"It's a great 'what-if' story, I think," Abrams said during a Friday morning visit to TODAY. "It's sort of a grand, romantic adventure, but it really asks the great what-if: 'What if everything just went out? How would we survive?' The show does a really cool thing. It jumps 15 years ahead to tell the story of where we would be. Over time, flashbacks we'll get to see what went on in the interim."

Flashbacks explaining the current, seemingly doomed state of things? That sounds a lot like another Abrams production -- the mystery-packed "Lost."

"Well, the truth is that there are some mysteries," he said of "Revolution."

But mystery fans who aren't really fans of never-ending mysteries need not worry about a "Lost"-like fate for this show.

"(Show creator Eric Kripke) basically said up front, 'I don’t like long-term, unsolved mysteries,'" Abrams explained. "He really wanted to get out there and answer questions early. So it won't be quite the same type of show."

And while there's one mystery viewers will have to wait for -- the ultimate reason for the global outage -- Abrams assured that at least the writers know "why the power went out" from the start.

The series premiere of "Revolution" airs Monday at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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