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Former 'Top Model' contestant addicted to meth, gets 'Dr. Phil' intervention

Meth addiction has transformed former model Jael Strauss, seen here (left) during her "America's Next Top Model" days and (right) from her "Dr. Phil" appearance.

There have been big changes for former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Jael Strauss since leaving the show in Cycle 8, but unfortunately those changes don't include a successful modeling career or even a another reality TV gig. Instead, Strauss' post-"Top Model" days have been consumed by an addiction to methamphetamines, which has transformed her both emotionally and physically.

On Thursday's episode of "Dr. Phil," Strauss' parents join Dr. Phil McGraw in an effort hold an intervention for their troubled daughter, who is unrecognizable from her time on "Top Model."

"Do the drugs get her and take her life? Or do we get her and save her life?" Dr. Phil asked as the clip opens, but the answer isn't clear.

Before coming to the set, Strauss physically struggled against her parents and a camera crew in an effort to resist the process. Once on set, just as Strauss began to walk toward the stage, she had another change of heart.

"She just opened the curtain, pivoted on her heel and is running through the Paramount lot," McGraw explained before going after her.

In another scene, McGraw can be seen sitting outside by a dumpster telling Strauss, "(For) the first time in 10 years, I came out here to you."

Strauss looked on with tears in her eyes.

Regular "Top Model" viewers may remember Strauss' struggles on the show when a close friend of hers died of a drug overdose. On the upcoming episode of "Dr. Phil," it's revealed that her own drug use predates her reality TV appearance.

See if the struggling former model gets the help she needs when "Dr. Phil" airs Sept. 13. Check local listings for time and channel.

Do you remember Jael Strauss from her stint on "America's Next Top Model"? Do you think she'll be able to turn her life around? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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