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Randy Jackson on his 'American Idol' future: 'Let's see what happens'

It's been a summer filled with "American Idol" news and rumors. First Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez announced they were leaving the show. Then came the news that diva Mariah Carey is filling a prime spot on the panel. But what about all those other top talent names that we keep hearing about? Nicki Minaj? Nick Jonas? Enrique Iglesias? And more important, what about the new-season fate of last remaining original judge, Randy Jackson?

Well, one guy who isn't going to clear up those reports is Jackson himself. The veteran talent show panelist visited TODAY Monday morning, but he maintained the mystery.

"Listen, 'Idol's' an amazing show," Jackson said. "My friend Mariah Carey is there. I think she's going to bring a lot of excitement to it."

As for him? "You know, let's see what happens."

Fans will no doubt be on the lookout.

During his TODAY chat, which actually focused on his work with "Taking Diabetes to Heart," a diabetes awareness campaign, Jackson said he has no idea about any other judges either.

"I don't know who else has been confirmed yet or not. I don't really know," he insisted. "But I know Mariah's there!"

Which will just have to be enough for eager "Idol" fans for now.

With all of the changes on the way -- from judges to maybe-mentors -- are you looking forward to the new "American Idol"? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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