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Blake Shelton: New season of 'The Voice' is best, trumps the first two

It was his finalist, Jermaine Paul, that walked away a winner on "The Voice" last season, and since then Blake Shelton hasn't let his fellow coaches forget about it. In fact, if all of his pre-season tough talk is anything to go by, he's already preparing to best them again in the upcoming season.

"I think it started irritating not only the other coaches, but the production staff, network people," Shelton told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie of his constant on-set boasting.

Of course, before Shelton's big win, coach Adam Levine took top honors with Javier Colon on the first season. Meanwhile Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera have yet to win at all.

"I'm sure they feel pretty crappy about it," Shelton teased. "They let not only themselves down, also their teammates… America, their families, their friends. I mean, it's got to be embarrassing to be Cee Lo or Christina at this point."

 According to the singer, season three tops all of their earlier efforts, feuds and all.

"I think season three, it really does trump both the first two seasons," he explained. "I mean, for so many different reasons. There's been a lot of rule changes, and the coaches, we've all kind of had our fights and got back together again. … It seems like it's made us, as a group, that much tighter. We all have each other's backs when it's time to, and we're stabbing each other in the back when it's time to also."

The third season of "The Voice" kicks off Monday night at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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