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Fall TV catch-up: Where your favorite shows left off and where they're headed

Where did the summer go? There's something about sun, fun and short-season TV shows (bye-bye, "True Blood"!) that just makes the time fly by. But at least there's one good thing about the end of the toasty weather and long days. As we say so long to summer, it's time to say hello to fall and all of the prime-time TV favorites we've missed.

Yes, those shows are about to return, which means all the frustrating cliffhangers and leftover plot points they left behind will soon be resolved. That's good news for boob-tube fans, unless of course, the memories of those season-ending details have since faded.

Before the comedies and dramas of last season pick up right where they left off, a refresher is in order. Check out our reminder rundown of the top returning shows.



Are you ready for the return of your fall TV favorites? Which shows are you most looking forward to seeing? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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