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Ryan Lochte to make '30 Rock' cameo

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Ryan Lochte.

Ryan Lochte plus Liz Lemon equals pure comedy gold. New York magazine's website The Cut reports that the Olympic gold medalist and party boy will make a cameo on NBC's "30 Rock" this season, the series' last. So said Lochte on Wednesday night, at a party for shoe designer Brian Atwood to kick off New York Fashion Week.

"I know I have the cameo for '30 Rock' in the morning, and after that, E! And then 'Live With Kelly.' So I’m all over the place," he told The Cut.

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A "30 Rock" rep confirmed the cameo with THR, giving no further details.

Lochte, who has expressed Hollywood ambitions, is beginning a stint as an E! News correspondent this week, covering the Fashion Week shows and scene.

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"I’m gonna be the one interviewing people, which is going to be totally weird," he said. "It’s going to be a different role, so I’m definitely gonna — it’s gonna be totally different."

Expect the unexpected: this summer in London, Lochte managed to steal the spotlight from Michael Phelps, making as many headlines for his dating habits and unconventional mouthgear as his medals. He was also photographed racing Prince Harry at a Las Vegas hotel pool -- but he missed the party afterward where the flame-haired royal disrobed as seen (or ogled) in photos leaked online.

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