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Jeff Probst ready to prove his daytime talk show is a survivor

After spending much of the last 12 years traveling the world and putting out torches on "Survivor," Emmy-winning host Jeff Probst is hoping to make his mark outside of the realm of reality TV with his very own daytime talk show.

During a Thursday morning visit to TODAY, Probst revealed why he's making the move and just what he has to offer to the already crowded talk TV market.

"When I got married and then became part of this family with these two kids that were calling me Dad, it all shifted, and I started realizing, 'Ah, I think I have something to connect with now,'" he said of his motivation.

Of course, just having a talk show isn't enough to guarantee viewers -- even for a hosting pro like Probst. With new daytime talkers around the corner from Katie Couric, Steve Harvey, Ricki Lake and Marie Osmond, he needs a hook to draw eyes to his effort. For "The Jeff Probst Show," that hook is short stories for short attention spans.

"I realized doing daytime that I have a very short attention span, so the show is really designed to check in on short stories every day that are all united by a theme," Probst explained. "It can be on the nose, it can be inspiring women working in television, or it could be stories having to do with banks -- a bank robber, a bank teller and a piggy bank. It's just three different types of stories relating to interesting, entertaining people. And then we have a couple of other segments on the show -- guys on the couch and some other stuff. "

And he'll have a familiar face to turn to from time to time.

"I've got my wife," he added. "She's working on the show as well. She'll pop in every so often and check me and tell me when I'm doing it right and when I'm doing it wrong."

If "Survivor" fans worry Probst might be doing something wrong by moving to daytime in the first place, fear not. He plans to juggle both jobs. In fact, shortly after his talk effort launches, the next season of the reality TV competition will kick off.

"'Survivor' premieres on (Sept. 19), the 25th season -- it is crazy," the tribal council vet announced. "I'm telling you, this next season, it's as good as anything we've ever done. I feel as good about it as ever."

As for "The Jeff Probst Show," it premieres Monday, Sept. 10. Check your local listings for time and channel.

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