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'Teen Mom' series ends with laughs, tears and more questions

Louis A Raynor / MTV

The show is over for the cast of MTV's "Teen Mom," from left Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood,

That animated "Teen Mom" book is now closed forever. On Tuesday night, fans had to say goodbye to original castmembers Catelynn, Farrah, Maci and Amber (well, until the two-part reunion with Dr. Drew).

So what were our last memories with our favorite young mothers?

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Catelynn: The drama with Tyler's father, Butch, continued and viewers started to see exactly how it affected the usually calm Ty. All of a sudden, the young guy that caught all of America's hearts from day one was dropping F-bombs and having temper tantrums like we've never seen -- over doggy doo-doo! This led to him seeing his therapist which led to us having a sobfest in front of the television screens.

"I don't know why. I never did anything wrong to the guy so I don't know why he doesn't love me," he said of his father, and then decided to write Butch a lengthy letter to finally cut ties with the dad he never had.

Farrah: As sad as this new Florida girl was to have daughter Sophia stay with grandma in Nebraska for a month, it worked out for the best. Farrah finished her first quarter of school with straight A's! Regardless, she made it clear that she doesn't want to send Soph away again, and cried about it a couple times. Even Sophia called her a "cry baby," which was way too cute and hilarious.

Have you seen Farrah's music video?

Maci: The tension between Maci and Ryan didn't die down during the series finale, and kind of left us hanging. Ry decided to visit his lawyer's office (again) to file for joint custody and possibly make it a violation of the court for Kyle and Maci to live together since they're not married. But once he brought that up to his parents and girlfriend Dalis, his GF quickly said, "What if we decide to live together?" She's got a point there, Ryan.

Unfortunately, that's where Maci's story ended. We don't know what happened with the court or if Ryan even went through with the filing.

Amber: Oh, where to start? First off, we meet a new man in Amber's life, Mike, who seemed like a nice guy but Gary didn't care and hated him regardless. A huge argument went down between Leah's parents when Gary decided to throw his daughter a birthday party that Amber wasn't allowed to go to, instead of waiting until after their court hearing to celebrate. We were also introduced to a new phrase that Amber's baby daddy called her--"slut puppy."

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Yeah, but we all know Gary, and within the next five minutes he felt bad and made things right with Amber again. The duo went to court together (held hands, even!) and ultimately, Gary got sole custody of Leah and the no-contact order was dropped.

Amber's camp tells E! News that she's doing OK and behaving in jail. There's even a possibility that if she continues her good behavior, Amber could be released before her five-year sentence is up.

What did you think of the final episode of the series? How do you think these young moms will fare out of the "Teen Mom" spotlight? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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