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'Drop Dead Diva' Margaret Cho discovered inner dictator for role

In the words of TODAY's Kathie Lee Gifford, Margaret Cho has a "sick brain." In the words of Margaret Cho, it's an "old brain." But whatever kind of brain the "Drop Dead Diva" actress has, it seems to work in the funniest ways.

She had both Gifford and Hoda Kotb cracking up Thursday as she dropped by the studio to discuss her Presidential tattoos (she has George Washington on one knee, Abe Lincoln on the other), her upcoming comedy tour "Mother," and of course "Drop Dead Diva."

"We're in our fourth season ... and we'd love to have you (both) on," she noted of the Lifetime series."(We have) really great roles for women."

The hosts made no firm commitments; instead, Cho noted that her other TV turn -- guesting on "30 Rock" as deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, a role that earned her an Emmy nomination -- was not a big change for her: "All you have to do is take off my makeup and change my hair, and I'm him!"

And, as a woman with both North and South Korean heritage, Cho says she enjoyed parodying him for another reason: "Our family has been split apart for over 50 years. So it's great to go back and do something like this and have a little karmic retribution. If you're nominated for playing a man who's also a deceased dictator, you automatically win."

"Drop Dead Diva" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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