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Exclusive look: Discovery's 'Yukon Men' put their lives on the line

Discovery Channel

Stan on "Yukon Men."

Living in the wild can be an adventure. But in remote parts of Alaska? Surviving can be a challenge. A huge one. Discovery Channel's new show "Yukon Men" takes a look at how the people of Tanana, Alaska, an isolated town with a population of about 250, survive the region's extreme winters.

According to the network, it's not just that the people of Tanana must struggle to find food and warmth in the harsh climate. (Weather.com lists a record January low of -76F, with the average low for that month being -17F.) They also have to fight off a lot of wolves to survive. But that's not all that threatens the people.

An exclusive clip of the "Yukon Men" premiere Discovery is sharing with The Clicker shows just how dangerous living in Tanana can be. Stan, one of the series' subjects, has been in the wilds of Alaska for 40 years and knows what it takes to survive. 

On a journey with his 21-year-old son Joey, Stan shows the young man how to walk across the deadly Tozitna River in the winter. During the frigid season, the river is mostly frozen solid, but its current in the middle of the channel is so fast that it doesn't always freeze. So one misplaced step and you could be swimming with the fishes.

"If you go through where that channel is ... you're gone. It's all over," Stan tells the cameras. Watch the clip and see how he makes the treacherous trip across the river:

Will Stan survive crossing the river? Check out the "Yukon Men" premiere at 10 p.m. on Aug. 24 on Discovery to find out.



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