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Walter White wanted for meth production in Alabama

AMC, Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's

Actor Bryan Cranston's "Walter White," left, is embroiled in drug crimes in New Mexico. A real Walter White, right, is wanted in Alabama for the same.

A man by the name of Walter White is wanted in Tuscaloosa County, Ala., for violating the conditions of his probation related to manufacturing and possessing methamphetamine. No, you're not reading a recap for the latest episode of "Breaking Bad."

White, 55, just happens to share the same name and apparent profession as actor Bryan Cranston's lead character on the hit AMC series. According to a story in the Crime Beat section on the Tuscaloosa News website, the local sheriff's office has placed White on its priority list for the county's most wanted.

White was on probation for a 2008 charge of making methamphetamine when he was arrested on similar charges in a different county earlier this year, the News reported. Possession of a controlled substance, trafficking methamphetamine, possession of precursor materials and manufacturing a controlled substance are listed as the charges.

On "Breaking Bad," Cranston's White is a high-school science teacher who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He turns to meth production in order to make money to leave for his family in the event of his death. Over the course of four and a half seasons, the show has tracked White's twisted and very violent dealings in a drug world set in New Mexico.

No word on whether there's also a Jesse Pinkman on the loose in Alabama, or whether the name Heisenberg is being bandied about in relation to this case. Readers who commented on the Tuscaloosa News story certainly didn't let the irony slip past.

"Skylar is gonna be pissed," "Better call Saul!" and "He is the one who knocks" were among the better comments on the newspaper's site, making reference to the characters and plot lines on "Breaking Bad."

Tuscaloosa News reporter Stephanie Taylor told the media website jimromenesko.com that she and her husband are big "Breaking Bad" fans. "I thought it was hilarious when I saw the 'most wanted' [item]. I posted it and didn't think a lot of people would get it, and that those who did would get the inside joke."

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