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New 'Dexter' trailer reveals a major threat to him and Debra

Jennifer Carpenter wasn't joking when she told The Clicker that romance was going to be "on the back burner" for her "Dexter" character, Lt. Debra Morgan, this upcoming season.

A new trailer released by Showtime on Thursday not only backs up her reveal to us, but shows just how shaky things get for the sharp detective and her crush/adopted brother/serial killer, Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall). Turns out that even though Deb discovered Dex's secret in the season six finale, the vigilante slicer can't keep his Dark Passenger in check and continues taking out the baddies.

All this while Deb begins to realize through her detective work that her beloved sibling has been delivering his own brand of justice for a long time. And as the trailer reveals, she starts to connect the dots between Dexter and the Bay Harbour Butcher. 

This does not appear please Dexter, and one scene shows an ominous shadow raising what appears to be a large knife over a sleeping Deb. 

As the video teases, "No one escapes The Dark Passenger." 

"Dexter" season seven premieres Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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