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Another designer walks off 'Project Runway,' one more wants to leave

Barbara Nitke / Lifetime

Kooan Kosuke is the latest designer to walk off "Project Runway."

The current season of "Project Runway" is quickly turning into "Project Runaway." For the second time in two weeks, a designer has decided that the fashion competition is just too tough and voluntarily walked off the show.

Hot on the heels of Andrea Katz's odd, middle-of-the-night exit, Kooan Kosuke suddenly decided he'd had enough too.

"I thought about it for three days, and I think I should go," the eccentric designer told his fellow competitors.

The news wasn't received well.

"Andrea's missing; Kooan's leaving; everything is falling apart," a teary-eyed Nathan Paul said before turning to Kooan and adding, "I totally understand what you're feeling because I want to leave. I'm not going to, but I want to leave."

"You have to stay!" Christopher Palu urged Kooan.

But as it turned out, he really didn't have to.

"From what Kooan said, I feel it was really stressful for him," Christopher later said in a video diary.

Sure, that makes sense, but as any casual "Runway" viewer could have told Kooan -- and Andrea before him -- it's a stressful competition. Time constraints, design difficulties and high stakes challenges have led to many meltdowns in the past.

But why quit over it?

During a recent "Daily Show" visit, mentor Tim Gunn revealed that for some reason, these designers just didn't believe what they'd seen on TV.

"It's inconceivable to me," he told host Jon Stewart. "I say to them, 'Have you watched the show?!' And their response is 'Well, we thought you faked it.' They think, 'Oh, we really have a week for these challenges.' 'No, you have a day. You get the challenge this morning; you're showing it on the runway for Heidi Klum tomorrow.'"

At least the remaining contestants know that now, and so far, they're sticking around.

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