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'Elders React' shows older audience envious of, repulsed by 'Jersey Shore'

You probably don't need a scientific study to determine that TV viewers of a certain age are not going to be big "Jersey Shore" fans. But The Fine Bros. don't need no stinking science anyway -- not when it's this much fun to film "elders" reacting to scenes from "The Jersey Shore."

The Fine Bros.

(Warning: Video has most, but not all, vulgar language bleeped out.)

Uniformly, it seems the AARP crowd finds Snooki and the gang hurl-worthy. "Snooki kind of makes me want to vomit," said one. "Where do they find such stupid people?" asked another. And finally: "Make it stop, man. Make the bad TV stop."

An off-camera interviewer asked them more about the clips they've been shown from the hit MTV series, and despite their initial reactions, there was some appreciation for the physical assets of the gang -- men admire Pauly's haircut and wish they had the guys' six-pack abs. But they really like what Snooki and JWoww have on offer: "No matter what the age, a good pair is a good pair."

And how about some advice for the GTL crowd? Sure, the elders have plenty to offer: "Take a shower, wash your hair, put on some clothes, go out and get a job and leave us the (expletive) alone," says one.

But on a more practical note, there's this too: "Make all the money you can, brother, because it ain't gonna last."

As they say, kids, listen to your elders.

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