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Tim Gunn: 'Project Runway' designers think show's challenges are faked

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During a Monday night interview on "The Daily Show," "Project Runway" mentor Tim Gunn explained the reason for all of the recent designer drama.

In just three weeks, the current season of "Project Runway" has already revealed big drama and one walk-off -- and if hints from host Heidi Klum are any indication, there's more of both to come in future episodes. So what's all of the hubbub about? According to Klum-pal and show mentor Tim Gunn, it's all about deluded designers.

Sure, with nine past seasons of the reality TV competition to watch, the new contestants have had plenty of opportunities to see just how the show works -- from one-day designs to over-the-top challenges -- but as Gunn explained during a Monday night appearance on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," they just don't -- or at least, didn't -- believe it.

"It's inconceivable to me, Jon. I say to them, 'Have you watched the show?!' And their response is 'Well, we thought you faked it,'" Gunn explained. "They think, 'Oh, we really have a week for these challenges.' 'No, you have a day. You get the challenge this morning; you're showing it on the runway for Heidi Klum tomorrow.'"

In other words, what you see on the show is exactly what you get. And while none of the designers actually questioned Klum's authenticity, Gunn insisted she's the real deal too.

"Heidi is impossible to fake," the veteran fashion consultant added. "She's breathtaking, isn't she?"

Stewart was quick to agree before adding his own Klum-related tidbit.

"Season 10 (of 'Runway'): Don't give anything away, (but) Heidi Klum gets eaten by a bear," he joked.

Not possible, said Gunn. "Heidi could even seduce a wild bear!"

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