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AMC sets zombies loose in New York

So we've gotten reassurance from the Centers for Disease Control that the zombie apocalypse is not coming -- but really, isn't that how every zombie disaster book begins, with a reassurance from the powers that be that all is well? Now here comes AMC, home of "The Walking Dead," trying to stir up even more unrest by setting real-life actors dressed up as zombies to scare the pants off of New Yorkers.

Here, watch the ooky makeup preparation and the terrified screams of children and grown-ups alike as the marketing devices -- sorry, zombies -- shamble around town, deliver mail, offer up traffic tickets and, of course, get a dirty water dog. With mustard.

The parting shot of a walker dragging a home satellite dish is the kicker -- this is, of course, a plea to get AMC and other stations back on to the Dish Network. Check it out!

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