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Bruce Jenner recalls his early days in reality TV

He's perhaps best known as an outstanding athlete who broke three world records, earned an Olympic gold medal for decathlon and famously appeared on a box of Wheaties. But Bruce Jenner -- who says he's ready to step in if Hoda Kotb ever abandons her position next to Kathie Lee Gifford on TODAY -- says he's got lengthier ties to a different career path: Namely, as a reality TV star. 

"I started doing reality (TV) 36 years ago, first show I ever did ... 'Battle of the Network Stars,'" Jenner said on TODAY Wednesday. "I've been doing this type of stuff forever."

Today he's best known for being the rare male and non-Kardashian among the gaggle of ladies in "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Married to Kris for 21 years, he's the stepfather to her clan and the pair have two daughters of their own, Kylie and Kendall. And his family has quite famously kept his reality TV career going. 

But, wondered Kotb, was everything okay between him and Kris?

Of course, he told her: "Everything is just wonderful." Jenner looked off-camera with a smile, asking, "Isn't that what I'm supposed to say, honey?" Turning back, he continued, "No, everything is just wonderful.... In any relationship, you know there's differences of opinion, this and that."

A recent episode of "Keeping" showed Jenner unhappy with some of the ladies for failing to be punctual. But that scene doesn't mean there's trouble in paradise. As the reality show expert philosophized, "Honestly, when the cameras are there all the time, they're going to find stuff like that."

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