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Watch Bryan Cranston transform into 'Breaking Bad's' shaven Walter White

"I have a whole team of professionals with me that, when I go to work, I mean the transition happens and I, like, instantly become Walter White. Want to see it?"

Bryan Cranston, star of the AMC series "Breaking Bad," makes the audience go wild with those words, and before you know it, he's taken over the set of the late-night Albuquerque-based series "The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada." In this video from 2011, Cranston's team of professionals take the stage and Cranston slips into Walter White's lime-green shirt (it still smells like meth!" quips the host), settling into a seat to be worked on.

The pros shave his hair off, apply makeup (along with White's 'stache and goatee), and just a few minutes later Cranston jumps up, tucks in his shirt and dons White's eyeglasses with a "Voila!" 

"Ebay, anyone?" he cries, tossing his removed locks in the air. And then Cranston disappears, while Walter White takes a seat to be interviewed.

Check out the video to watch the transformation!

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