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Jimmy Fallon has the most fun with 'Call Me Maybe'

Jimmy Fallon, the musician who happens to host a late-night talk show, may have (thankfully?) issued the final word when it comes to video covers of "Call Me Maybe."

Without geting in a bus with any college baseball players or dancing with Justin Bieber at a house party, Fallon manages to offer up what we think is the cutest version yet of the viral sensation. Sorry, Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

Alongside Carly Rae Jepsen -- the song's actual singer -- and his "Late Night" house band The Roots, Fallon and company play a variety of children's instruments while actually singing, not lip syncing, the song.

The backstage performance further highlights not only Fallon's musical chops, but just how much fun this guy is having on a nightly basis. Hey, Jimmy: "Before you came into our life, we missed you so bad, and you should know that, we missed you so so bad ..."

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