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Is Peggy permanently gone from 'Mad Men'?

Jordin Althaus / AMC

Sure, Peggy Olson kissed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce goodbye on the May 27 episode of "Mad Men" when she accepted a job elsewhere, but her character isn't exiting permanently, is she? She'll appear now and again, maybe to have drinks with Don Draper and Ken Cosgrove, right? Wrong, according to (former) star Jared Harris.

The actor, who played the newly deceased Lane Pryce, hinted in an interview with The Daily that Elisabeth Moss' popular character won't be returning. Harris let the tidbit about Peggy slip when he answered a question about whether the cast gave him a goodbye when his character died this past Sunday. His reply? They didn't because actors leaving shows "isn't a big deal." 

"Other people had left the show that had been there since the beginning," Harris explained to The Daily. "Elisabeth left the episode before and she'd been there since the beginning. ... People leave and it's just part of it. They didn't make a giant fuss."

AMC had no comment about Moss' possible permanent departure. We also reached out to show creator Matt Weiner's folks, but no word yet. Moss' rep said viewers should just keep watching.

We'll keep you posted, but until then, enjoy Peggy's exit once more:

The "Mad Men" season finale airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on AMC.

Would you keep watching "Mad Men" if Peggy is gone for good? Which of her story lines was your favorite? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.



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