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'Glee' returns to big-name guest stars with Kate Hudson, SJP

Jonathan Ernst / REUTERS

Kate Hudson is just one of the big name stars expected to make guest appearances on "Glee."

After having a season mostly free of big-name (or gimmicky) guest stars on "Glee," Fox entertainment's Kevin Reilly announced two big additions for the show's upcoming season. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson will each have a multi-episode arc on the show, as Deadline reported, but no further details about their characters were revealed.

Since many of the "Glee" regulars are graduating from high school this spring, fans of the show have wondered how their departures will be treated. To that end, Reilly said that the fall season will feature "a show within a show," following the characters to their performing arts school in New York, and that some "new faces" will be in Ohio.

What say you, "Glee" fans (and non-fans)? When high school is a central element to a show's plot, is it possible to really love the characters as they move on to their logical next steps? I don't remember it working out so well for those "Dawson's Creek" kids, but that show didn't dip into the guest star well to keep things fresh, either.

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