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Is romance on the way for Avery and Kepner on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Richard Cartwright / ABC

Kepner (Sarah Drew) makes a surprising reveal to Avery (Jesse Williams) right before they take the board exams on "Grey's Anatomy."

Some of the best relationships are born out of friendships. But will the same hold true for "Grey's Anatomy's" Drs. Jackson Avery and April Kepner? After all, Kepner -- under the stress of the impending boards -- finally relinquished her virginity on the April 26 episode to Avery, her friend and fellow resident.

Jesse Williams, who plays the handsome young doctor, told us that viewers can expect to see their relationship ebb and flow as they try to figure out how to handle the situation. "It's going to have high times and low times," he said. "Do they wanna pretend this never happened and be cool and normal? ... Or do they say, 'Let's go for it,' and try to be a couple?"

Though Williams couldn't tell us which way Avery will lean, he did tease that fans will "see the best of them and why this can work, and why it can't work."

One big reason why it might not blossom into the next great romance on "Grey's"? Kepner's bomb that "Jesus hates" her now that she's no longer pure. 

"What the hell is she talking about with the Jesus thing?!" Williams told TODAY.com about Avery's reaction to Kepner's shocking statement. "She's (Avery's) best friend ... why did she keep this from (him)?"

The self-doubt it creates in Avery is quite heavy, the actor told us: "If (her religion) is so crucial to (her), how did you keep that from me? Why did you keep that from me? I thought we were best friends!"

But don't expect any resolution by the end of Thursday's episode, said Williams. Viewers will probably see the two trying to find their way throughout the rest of the season, he added.

Check out this clip of Avery during his exam:

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