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'Teen Mom' star says show doesn't glamorize teen pregnancy


Kailyn Lowry, left, (seen here with fellow "Teen Mom 2" stars Jenelle Evans, Leah Simms and Chelsea Houska) insists there's nothing glamorous about teen pregnancy or MTV's programming on the topic.

Some critics claim that MTV's assortment of teen pregnancy-related programming, including "16 and Pregnant," "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2," does little more than glamorize teen pregnancy. But one of the young moms who's starred in two of those shows couldn't disagree more.

Kailyn Lowry, who graduated from a single episode of "16 and Pregnant" to regular status on "Teen Mom 2," insists the show actually helps discourage teen pregnancy.

"As a pregnant teen I took an opportunity that was presented to me," Lowry recently wrote in the first of a series of tweets. "Luck, or whatever the reason, allowed me to be a voice of teen pregnancy. I wasn't picked for the show to be turned into a star, they chose me to show my struggles & help someone else think twice about their actions."

And with a documented drop in teen pregnancy rates since the shows first aired, she feels that goal has been met.

"I'm so tired of hearing that 'Teen Mom' glamorizes teen pregnancy," she continued. "I've been on my own & a single parent since I was 17. Is that glamorous? I don't have relationships w/either of my parents & I struggle dealing with teenage emotions & adult responsibility. That's glamorous?"

Not at all.

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