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Readers want to know: Are 'DWTS' partners having an affair?

Adam Taylor / ABC

Rob Kardashian, who is partnered with pro Cheryl Burke, let slip that some married folks on the cast are having an affair.

Sparkly, barely there outfits! Gorgeous pro dancers in fantastic shape! Celebrities willing to risk embarrassment! It's not hard to see why "Dancing With the Stars" is such a popular show.

And if you throw in a possible love affair? Between married partners? No wonder readers couldn't get enough! Sure, rumors of ballroom hookups surface almost every season on "Dancing," but when contestant Rob Kardashian let slip that he knew some of his fellow ballroom dancers -- married ones at that -- are getting too close, Clicker fans made it the No. 1 post of the week.

But was it who the possibly naughty parties might be that drew all the interest? Or was it because of the messenger, one Mr. Kardashian? If I were to venture a guess based on the responses to the story on our Facebook page, I'd say you guys just don't like the guy or his loose lips. (To be fair, he did backtrack on Twitter later, implying that he was joking and meant no disrespect to the pros or contestants on the show.)

"I think we can all say we didn't expect anything less from him. He is after all a Kardashian," wrote reader Tresa Smith.

"He's an idiot," wrote reader Doris Soto. "Who does that? Makes crappy jokes on the RADIO about people who he has to work with."

The Kardashians didn't get a single break in the thread. As for the potential lovebirds, only one reader ventured a guess. So it seems a love-hate ("Dancing," Kardashians) factor worked to make this one popular story this week.

Another reader favorite? Oprah! Even with her popular talk show no longer on the air, people still love to read about her and her former show. And in this case, what she thought her biggest on-air mistake was. Yes, it was a memorable one! The talk-show queen revealed to "Entertainment Tonight" that her biggest "Oprah Winfrey Show" regret was when she wheeled out 67 pounds of fat onto the stage in 1988. "When I look at that show, I think it was one of the biggest ego trips of my life," she told "ET."

Not everyone agreed that it was Oprah's biggest boo-boo, though. Readers thought it was actually a pretty good segment. "Show the truth. That wagon was the truth," wrote reader Paul Swift on our Facebook page. "A hell of an accomplishment to lose 67 pounds."

The third most popular post? Our exclusive sneak peek at an upcoming episode of "Sister Wives," during which wife No. 3, Christine, says she's no longer sure her marriage to polygamist Kody Brown is the right thing for her. Not only that, there was trouble in her marriage. "I don't know if I care if it's perfect anymore, or if it's what he wants anymore," Christine told the cameras of sharing her husband with three other wives.

The response on our Facebook page was mixed, with some readers rooting for Christine to do what they think would make her happy again, others thinking the drama is made up for TV, and others just strongly opposing polygamy and the Browns' lifestyle.

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