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First look: Morgan Spurlock turns into a 'Caveman'

Erika Kramer / Discovery Channel

Morgan Spurlock, fully dressed in caveman gear, on Discovery's "Curiosity: I, Caveman."

Think the contestants on "Survivor" have it tough? At least they get tossed a few necessities and have opportunities to enjoy tasty foods by winning challenges. Oh, and a shot at a $1 million grand prize.

The folks on Sunday's episode of Discovery's "Curiosity" have to do a bit more than outwit, outplay and outlast. They have to actually survive ... as cavemen. That means no pots and pans, no rice, no tarps, and no pizza and beer for rewards. Instead, nine people leave behind the modern world and (try to) live in the wilderness of Motherwell Ranch in Colorado for 10 days. Their only supplies? Paleolithic clothing, rope, unknapped stone, enough water for 48 hours, one shelter big enough for four, their wits and "Super Size Me's" Morgan Spurlock as their leader.

And it does not look like fun. Five days into the experiment, entitled "I, Caveman," the group's nerves are shot, people look miserable and they're more than a bit snippy.

"Communicating through online websites, it makes it easier to deal with people. I mean, I don't know how cavemen got along back then," Amy, a designer, told Discovery's cameras. "When you're in each other's faces like this, I mean, you can kind of drive people a little crazy."

Check out this exclusive sneak peek provided to TODAY.com by Discovery:

The two-part special "I, Caveman" airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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