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Was Bristol Palin's fight made for reality TV?


Bristol Palin

Last week, footage of Bristol Palin’s mechanical bull-side run-in with a man who was no fan of her mom made headlines. But now some are asking if the confrontation was all bull.

According to TMZ, Palin’s former “Dancing With the Stars” co-competitor and upcoming reality TV co-star Kyle Massey is certain the fight was set up as a plot point for their show.

Sources claim that Massey, who currently lives with Palin and her 2-year-old son Tripp as part of the BIO Channel program, believes producers were behind the war of words that saw a bargoer at West Hollywood's Saddle Ranch Chop House interrupt Palin’s night out with harsh words about her and mom Sarah Palin, and saw the younger Palin lash out at the man. It seems there’s just something about the multiple cameras that were on hand for the exchange that made Massey so suspicious.

But while the Disney star is now said to find the direction the show’s taken to be “sleazy,” he doesn’t blame Palin. Insiders insisted that Massey doesn’t think his roommate knew anything about the producers’ alleged plans.

For his part, Stephen Hanks, aka the man caught on tape with the abstinence advocate, told TMZ that the incident was definitely no setup.

Warning: The following video contains adult language.

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