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Whitney Cummings 'hoarding shows' with two network sitcoms

Good news, fans of so-called stupid humor: Whitney Cummings recently revealed she's "got plenty of it."

That's what she told TODAY's Ann Curry during a visit to the set in anticipation of the premiere of her new sitcom, "Whitney," a show based on the stand-up's humor and life experiences.

Whitney Cummings, the star and executive producer of the new comedy "Whitney," says it's "crazy" to have her show featured on NBC's Thursday night-lineup, which has a strong tradition of successful shows, like "Friends," "The Cosby Show," "Will & Grace," "Seinfeld" and more.

The show, she said, is "about that time between when you're not single, but you're not yet married."

Cummings co-stars with best friend Chris D'Elia as her boyfriend.

"It's about what happens when you only see marriages fail, and then you want to get married but you're scared, and you're trying to figure out how to make a relationship work with no blueprint for what to do," she continued, noting that "this happened when I started thinking of the idea a year, two years ago, when monogamy and marriage was taking a hit, it was that time when Tiger Woods cheated, and Eva Longoria got cheated on and even Sandra Bullock got cheated on. What does that mean for the rest of us?"

Cummings -- who is also an executive producer on "Whitney" -- may not be a familiar name with the television masses yet, but that seems likely to change. Not only does she have a show named after her, she's got a co-creator/co-producer credit on "2 Broke Girls," a sitcom she created with "Sex and the City's" Michael Patrick King, which premiered on CBS on Sept. 19.

"I'm a hoarder," she joked to Curry. "I'm hoarding shows."

But she's no overnight success, she insisted: "I have been failing for so long, what is this overnight success? I have heard 'no' so much ... I am a stand-up comedian, so I've been touring a lot, spending a lot of time in airports. This is such a dream come true."

And with luck, she'll never have to deal with another situation like she had a few years back, when she had "seven dollars in (her) bank account" and locked her keys in her car.

"I went to 7-11, which is where I did my grocery shopping, and I locked my keys in my car and couldn't call AAA," she recalled. "It was this moment where I literally had nothing. I needed to make better dating choices, so guys could help with my bills."

Maybe that will happen down the road, but for now Cummings has managed to forge a budding relationship with the another kind of money maker: Hollywood.

"Whitney" premieres tonight on NBC at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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