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Nanny quits after 'Kate Plus 8' blowup


Kate reacts to her problem with the "paid help."

How much of a difference does an extra set of hands make when tending the needs of eight kids? Just ask the always harried and now nanny-free Kate Gosselin.

On Monday night’s episode of “Kate Plus 8,” nanny, babysitter and all-round-sanity-saver Ashley packed her bags and left the adorable Gosselin brood behind after one big battle with their mom.

As last week’s preview teased, the drama all began when Kate clashed with Ashley and BBF Jamie because they dared to allow the “Plus 8” to eat pizza. That pizza was meant for the grownups and according to Kate, the kids should have had salad. To make matters worse, Ashley had one of the children surrender the last piece of pizza — barehanded.

“That is disgusting!” Kate complained.

And the complaints hardly stopped there. In fact, Kate felt that, despite the fact that Ashley had at least fed the children, it was really up to her to do all the work.

“That’s not paid help, in my opinion,” Kate told the camera.

Having had enough, Ashley decided Kate was right, and she wouldn’t make her boss pay her at all anymore. With tears in her eyes, and eight other sets of eyes, Ashley said goodbye.

Will the devoted sitter stay away? Viewers will find out when the series finale of “Kate Plus 8” airs Sept. 12 on TLC.

Do you think Ashley will have a change of heart, or has Kate finally pushed her away for good? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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